Jan 5, 2007

How to format compaq / hp laptop with a recovery partition.

I bought a new compaq laptop presario V6000 its really wonderful you should see the display
it's the clearest and the brightest screen i ever seen.BUT
it got a french windows media center with a azerty keyboard. Ok i can't do anything for the key board but i should be able to format the laptop after all
But now you can't coz ( hp . compaq ) added a Recorvery partition for fast recorvery
and this partition will not let you format the hard disk , in fact when boot up from the windows bootable cd the installation will freeze and tell you that their not disk on the system!!!

and i could find on the internet how to get rid of the partition so i send an email to the french
customer departement of HP and didn't get anything from them.I called the nb that came with the laptop of the french technical support to find out that they deleted this option
and they if went to the US hp site and god bless america they have online technical support
and ge have me the answer on how to remove the recovery partition.

Click Start, click All Programs, select System Recovery, and click PC Recovery. When the recovery options are presented, select the option to perform the PC Recovery and click Next. The PC will restart.When the Welcome to PC Recovery message displays, click OK to continue. On the System Recovery panel, click Advanced Options. On the Advanced Options panel, select the option to Delete Recovery Partition, and click Next


I will do it and tell you the result.Whish me luck

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